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Please give me as much information as you can in your question.

If you are seeking advice on a condition or problem, please say what the problem or condition is, how long you have had it, if you have received any treatment and what you would like to know.

If you are seeking a Spineworks treatment give me, in addition, your town or city (or the nearest).

Then I can do my best to give you as full a response as I am able.



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Places I Work:

Lifeways Complementary Health Centre,
30 Albany Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6PG

Warwick Therapy Centre
72A Market Place, Warwick, CV34 4SD
(entrance in Brook St)

Movers & Shapers
10 Union St, Stratford upon Avon, CV

Advanced Healing Therapies
11 Ferndale Road, Binley Woods,
Coventry, CV


I practice in London about once a month and currently use a room in Stratford (I know, confusing!). I have also worked in the Bellendon Centre in Peckham and may be able to do sessions there if arranged in advance.

To book a session at any place call me on 07793 908 790

People who have helped with this website:

Alex Zervopoulos
(website technical construction and management)

To contact Alex, please complete the form on the Contacts page.

Sally Pickard (design and drafting assistance)



Association of Physical and Natural Therapists (APNT)

Balens (insurance broker – including within EU)

Websites that I have used for advertising Spineworks and may be useful for you:

Healthy Pages

Complementary Healthcare Information Service

Holistic Community

UK Therapy Schools offering a variety of courses and where I personally know the proprietors:

Penny Price Aromatherapy

Teach Therapy (Cardiff)


Some other systems with a similar ethos to Spineworks
(and know personally to me):

The Rosen Method,
created by Marion Rosen

Body Harmony,
created by Don McFarland

Yoga Studios & Cafes (friends of mine)

Movers and Shapers
10 Union Street


Veronica (Ronnie)

22 Binswood Street


Digby Platt

And some lovely teachers

Digby Platt

Ben Beswick

Janni Scott-Walton

other Related Interests

Transcendental Meditation
(courses and support groups)

Linda and Huw Meads,
01789 298 367

Buteyko breathing method

Linda Meads
01789 298 367