Mindful Body Therapy

I work with aches, pains and discomfort; back problems including scoliosis and excess curves; unequal legs & sciatica; headaches, migraine & neck problems - in fact most physical body problems.

(And, by the way, there is no proof that it works - I have to say that under UK law.)

I'm based in the UK and you can call me on +44(0) 7793 908 790 if you would like a treatment. In other countries, I would love to come and visit you to teach you and others how to use the techniques and system. Use the Contacts page, send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call me via Skype with the contact name "Spineworks".






Hello and welcome to the Spineworks website. I’m Ian Jarvis from the UK, and I worked with Tarpan Williams, an Australian, in the early days of the development of Spineworks. His basic ideas, at the root of the ‘system’ were to work WITH the body, so using gentle techniques and NOT force manipulations, to remain within the comfort zone of the client but move right to the edge and to honour and respect every client in their own healing.

In 1994, when we first met, these were new and quite radical notions though now they are widely accepted, even among the non-complementary communities of healing, curing and medicine – of course with the exception of techniques such as high velocity thrusts (HVT) of some chiropractic and osteopathic schools as well as some, so called, deep-tissue massage.

Spineworks is also a ‘whole-body’ system and so the treatment with each client will be different. Of course there will be similarities, but in essence if Bill comes for a treatment he will get a ‘Bill’ while when Joanna comes, she gets a ‘Joanna’. Through a series of sessions there will also be changes though sometimes each session will focus in similar ways since a condition can originate many years in the past and it can take several weeks to clear. I often reword that old Chinese saying, “you can’t work on the same body twice”.

Another, often missed, importance is the relationship between therapist and client. If there is not some mutual respect, trust and care, then it is unlikely that the sessions will help much. It’s important for the therapist to take the initiative and refer a client to another practitioner, maybe even from a different discipline, when this becomes clear. A fear of loss of income often prevents this honesty.

But I haven’t yet told you much about Spineworks itself as a system. Probably as it’s rather difficult! There are techniques as such, but the more important is the overall approach. We work to release the soft tissue – you can read more on this on the About Spineworks page. The soft tissue is both mover and stabiliser, jobs which it does via the nerves which pass through the spine with messages to and from the brain. Hence the name Spineworks, and I often describe it as working THROUGH the spine, not On it.

Since those early days together, I have developed the system more through my own learning and experience so that what is now Spineworks is an even greater blend of ideas but always with those early principles at its heart. Tarpan has lived in Australia since about 2000 and has an organic permaculture smallholding.

So have a read of that page and others in the site as I hope it’s not a complex navigation. Whether you are a therapist seeking further knowledge and education or are in pain or have some other physical problem, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

For treatments, I can only reach so far of course, but I’m happy to travel anywhere in the world to offer a workshop for a few people, and I’ll also do my best to answer any further questions you have, whether personal or general. To get in touch please use the Contact page.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope I have piqued your interest. Farewell.