Ian jarvis


The tutor for all Spineworks courses is myself, Ian Jarvis

I have been practising Spineworks since 1994. I trained with the founder Tarpan Williams on his first courses in the UK. I then worked with Tarpan for several years, helping develop the courses and writing the manuals. We ran many Spineworks courses together in the UK before Tarpan returned to his native Australia. I now take all the Spineworks training in the UK and Europe.

Spineworks has developed a long way since those early days of 1994/5. I have introduced techniques and ideas that I have learnt in my own practice, experience and training - always with the same concepts at their core. Some I have modified (eg made them more gentle), some I have accepted exactly as I learnt them. So the system is still growing and I hope that I can bring even more to it as I continue on my own way.

The most recent influences on my practice have been Body Harmony and Cranio Sacral ideas. I have done many courses with Don McFarland, creator of Body Harmony and recommend his teaching to any and all body therapists. You can never know exactly what he will be teaching but it is always informative and challenging.

I also practise Shiatsu and Reiki.

I rarely give a Shiatsu treatment nowadays as the focus of my work changed to Spineworks during those years of development and growth.

I am continuing my own training and education both directly in attending other therapy workshops and, indirectly, by personal development and other experiences.


I learnt Reiki in 1992 and was initiated as a Reiki Master in 2002. Reiki is probably the most important thing in my life and it has fed my developments within Spineworks. I consider it fundamental to my personal practise.

As a Reiki Master, I run Reiki courses for First and Second Degree. In addition to open courses for all and every gender, I also offer, on request, courses for groups of men as some men prefer to receive this initiating experience within an all-male group. Contact me for further information.

I practice a simple form of Reiki as brought to the 'west' by Hawayo Takata. I think Reiki should be basic and definitely hands ON. The element of human touch is an important part of the practice.


More socially, I have practised Astanga Yoga for about 30 years. I first learnt from Radha and Derek Ireland back in 1984, on Skyros and their centre on Crete. I trundle along with the primary series with occasional excursions into the second. I practise with Ben Beswick in Stratford upon Avon and Digby Platt in Leamington Spa and in London with Scott Johnson. I have done a variety of short courses with Manju Jois (Patthabi's son), John Scott,and Hamish Hendry among others.

In 2014, I attended an intensive teacher training course with Nagesh Hirougar and Ajarya Yoga in Rishikesh to the north of India. As I had never had an Indian teacher, I wanted to see how they would teach yoga so many years after they gave it to us in the 'west'. It was an enjoyable experience and I learnt much.


In life I have varied interests that keep me out of trouble (mostly). I lived on a canal boat for many years until I sold it in mid 2012 so that I would be more free to return to Bhopal or go to some other project in the world. You can read about my trip to Bhopal on the Bhopal Book page and in some of the articles on my blog page.

I have been a long-time practitioner of Transcendental Meditation (TM) having first learnt it around 1973/4 when I was at college studying computing science – in which I graduated in 1976. Although I cannot claim to be an ideal student or practitioner I have practised it on most days since then. I have recently (Sept 2012) met Linda and Huw Meads in Stratford-Upon-Avon who are highly experienced teachers of TM and run courses, support groups and individual checking sessions. (Details on the links page, mention me.)

I have also learnt the Buteyko breathing method, with Margaret Brooks in Blaby, near Leicester. She does not teach now, but Linda Meads is a teacher  of Buteyko with many years of experience. (Details on the links page, mention me.)

I enjoy many types of music but have a distinct preference for the classical genre and opera in particular. I also enjoy all types of theatre and have been known to tread the boards and even grace the air with a few low baritone notes. One day I might even manage the Largo al Factotum or the entire Songs of Travel cycle.

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