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Jango Music

Some great news for you all. First, my new website, is now live so if you have a pain you have been living with for years and thought it would never go away, check it out as I can probably help you. Or if you are a therapist looking to add to your skills I offer courses in Spineworks.

But the even better news from this blog is about the website It is like a jukebox in the sky, and it's free to sign up to. It is in fact a streaming 'radio' station so it is subject to some rules.

You go onto the website and sign in and then you can create what they call a "station". Then you select artists that you want to listen to; click the Play button and it will randomly play all the artists that you chose. And I was surprised at the wide range of artists.

There are some additional fun bits though:


  1. You can create as many 'stations' as you like. So I have a 'mainly classical' one for when I want to satisfy my craving for some (mostly dead) composers. I have a 'mainly jazz' one where I can select artists like Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong etc etc and I have a couple of others for the rocky side of my personality. Or you could just lump them all into one mega station.
  2. The system plays at randon through all your artists and their songs and you can also 'rate' particular songs so they play more frequently or not at all. This is rather fun as I do not know what will come up next.
  3. Sometimes it will play an artist or piece that is not on my list. This means that I get a chance to widen my listening - I have added a couple of (living!) composers to my classical station that were completely unknown to me.
  4. And, this is even better; occasionally it will play a 'new' artist and you are asked to 'rate' the track. I always vote in the positive way and send an encouraging note to them. New artists can register their material which will play at random throughout the system so they get exposure to a market. I really like this idea as it encourages new talent in all forms of music.
  5. And, you can listen to other people's stations - I haven't done this but I guess you might want to see what is playing somewhere else.

Every now and again it will play a 10 second video advert, which is what pays the costs, so listening is free. You can also get the lyrics of a song that is playing and can buy tracks via a link to iTunes or Amazon.

As I write this blog I am listening to my mainly jazz (Wynton Marsalis right now). Check it out and have some music on your PC (or Mac of course!).

Do some cool listening and enjoy sitting at your computer for a change.

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    I love Jango, so thank you for that. x

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