Spineworks training is undergoing a renaissance to meet the demands of modern life and therapists.

I have designed  two new intensive courses. One is aimed at experienced therapists while the other is for beginners or those with a short time of experience.  Either would be suitable for old students wishing to revise and learn about newer ideas and techniques.

In addition, I am planning a video course which will be available via the internet, but not for a few months. Let me know if you would like to assist with this project, as a ‘body' for demonstration, or pretend student for example. Or send me the questions you feel have not been answered. You can, of course, see some snippets of Spineworks and exercises on my Youtube channel, “SpineworksBodywork” , where you will also find some videos about my trips to Bhopal. (If you don’t know about those trips, pop along to the “Bhopal Book” page on this site.)

The first of the intensives for experienced therapists will be held next year, 2015, in Thailand from March 2 to 8. Yes, it is seven days of intensive work – you get value with me and Spineworks. You can go straight to the website and book here -

So what is in these courses?

Starting with the one for experienced therapists. This course gives all practicing body therapists an opportunity to deepen their work into a holistic mode that also works with specific and non-specific pains, skeletal mis-alignments and problems, and is genuinely remedial.

It is suitable for practitioners of all forms of physical body therapy, provided that you come with an open mind.

We cover the basic principles of the Spineworks approach; No Force; Gentleness; Client Comfort Zone (our practical guidelines) and how each person will use them to create their own treatments. In our own treatment rooms, each therapist will, with time and experience, develop his or her techniques and methods  because of their different experiences and trainings. Each client will receive unique treatments because their body and mind history is unique, as will be their future path. A treatment is simply the meeting of a client and a therapist in a caring and loving environment; in that present moment.

To borrow a well-known saying, ‘you cannot treat the same body twice’.

At the end of this intensive course you will be able to integrate into your current practice the philosophy and ideas of Spineworks with specific techniques. You will receive a manual as a computer pdf file.

Each day will include lots of practical work and the evening practice sessions are to help blend the work into whole treatments.

A planned outline for the course follows but I reserve the right to vary it depending upon the needs of attendees.

Day 1

Morning: Introduction, Principles, The Spine

Afternoon: The first Technique, Extending to the Ribs, The Second Technique

Evening: Theory of soft tissue; Functional Anatomy Playtime

Day 2

Morning: Pelvis

Afternoon: Pelvis (ctd) and Legs

Evening: Supervised Practice

Day 3

Morning: Neck

Afternoon: Neck (ctd); Skull (inc Sphenoid)

Evening: Supervised Practice

Day 4

Morning: Arms and Shoulders

Afternoon: Continued + Time for free practise together

Evening: Time for free practice together

Day 5

Morning: Back to the Spine - Alignment techniques

Afternoon: The Front of the Spine

Evening: Supervised Practice – or review & questions

Day 6

Morning: Muscle Energy Techniques

Afternoon: Principles and Ideas of Movement and Exercise

Evening: Supervised Practice

Day 7

Morning: Review and Repeat on Request or Planning a Treatment

Afternoon: Open Practice plus Questions and closing.

Evening: A well earned rest


The beginners' course will have a similar structure but will omit some of the more advanced techniques and include more on MET and movement.



There are no formal requirements for the class but you should:

  • Have a qualification in anatomy and physiology – including a practical working knowledge of the muscles and soft tissue systems.
  • Be looking for some new ideas and techniques to take you more into remedial work without any particular focus (such as sport).
  • Be a practicing bodywork therapist, such as massage, shiatsu.
  • For the ‘experienced therapist’ course you should have an absolute minimum of 2 years practice as your main or only business.
  • For the ‘beginners’ course, you will have done your basic courses and have been practicing for about a year or more, maybe not as your main occupation.


Private Courses:

In the past I have run many private courses. If you and a group of similarly qualified (or unqualified) friends or colleagues would like to learn Spineworks or even just have an introductory weekend then do please contact me  and I will be happy to come along to your venue and teach you.

I can be much more flexible on these courses, depending on the specific needs of your group. If it is for professionals. though, it will be pretty similar to that outlined. The length and format will also depend on where in the world you are and the travel and accommodation implications.

Student Testimonials from previous courses

"An excellent and interesting course … run very professionally with great integrity and honesty. I will … incorporate into my current practice." Anthony

"I was very impressed with the format and content of the course. Spineworks is very effective, gentle and safe, and very user friendly." Declan

"Thanks for the clear notes and handouts." Julie

“I had … this morning a neck which experienced whiplash 20 years ago and is now complaining – C2 popped back into place as if by magic!" Pat

"Professionally presented" Helen

“I found the course well structured and focused.” Glen

"Excellent teaching and transference of knowledge…  Ian certainly has an affinity with the human body that he successfully instils into his students." Sandie

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