Have you had a pain for ages and are beginning to get the feeling that it is going to be with you forever? The doctor can't do anything and you've asked everyone else you can think of but it is still there. Maybe a nagging ache or having to adapt to do something? Well, you don't have to - many of my clients have been in just this situation and almost always I have been able to help them. (See some comments from them below.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Under UK law I am not allowed to make a diagnosis nor to claim that Spineworks will cure anything. I have worked with many people attending with a doctor’s diagnosis of various complaints including sciatica, frozen shoulder, scoliosis, (excess) kyphosis, non-specific pain, specific pain, arthritis, etc as well as those with recent and old injuries.

Treatments are available in the UK in Stratford, east London, although I do travel abroad frequently doing voluntary work, notably recently in Bhopal, India. In Greece I have several practitioners, most around Athens but also Peloponnesus, central Greece and Crete.

Spineworks is a holistic method of bodywork committed to working in co-operation with you, the client. It recognises each person’s unique history of injury and pain with its memories hidden in your body. Your present pain is likely to be the result of the many small knocks and bumps that you’ve had in your life, as well as the major ones.

Spineworks addresses what doctors call ‘non-specific pain’. In a nutshell, this means that no-one knows what has caused it! A classic example of this kind of pain would be when you tell me, “I just leant over to pick up a book and something clicked!”  Spineworks will also address pain where the cause is obvious, such as a recent injury, but even here there will be a history leading to the event, and this will surface in the body for attention and deeper healing.

Thus, despite its name, Spineworks is not just about spines: rather, it is a holistic, head-to-toe treatment. The spine itself moves with every movement we make and it also protects the spinal cord, the nerve pathway for the control of every muscle and organ. This is why problems around the spine and felt generally in the back (eg tight musculature) can be the root cause of many seemingly unrelated health problems.

In effect, I think this method taps into your internal muscle memory and resets the link between the brain and the muscle. In turn, this stimulates and speeds the natural healing process in your body and helps to evaporate pain and relieve muscle spasm. In fact, it is your own system that releases and relaxes the muscle - with guidance from the practitioner.

Once tense muscle has begun to release, as well as other soft tissue, ligaments and tendons, several other possibilities are opened up.

  • There is the beneficial knock-on effect of reducing tension in related muscles.
  • There will be less tension across one or more joints and so bones can be helped back into alignment without force, and often they will move back into place by themselves.
  • The nerves run though and around muscle, and, by squeezing on a nerve, tense muscle can affect the flow of signals from the brain to another muscle or organ, thus affecting its functioning. Reducing the muscle tension takes pressure off the nerve and helps the nerve system to work better.
  • Blood vessels can get squashed by tight muscle which reduces the flow. Releasing the muscle restores the flow and supply of oxygen and enables the removal of wastes such as lactic acid.

It may take a few treatments or a sustained programme, but your body naturally wants to align itself and be pain-free. Spineworks can help it to remember what to do, and make lasting improvements.

Many of my clients have, in their own words, “tried everything else” – Spineworks has always helped them.

Client Testimonials


Having suffered with back problems on and off for many years and also having been injured in a road accident which fractured my sternum I was looking forward to my session with Ian. What surprised and delighted me though about his treatment was the fact that while he was working physically on my sternum area he managed to unlock some unresolved emotional aspects of the accident.  This confirmed to me that Ian treats on more than one level.  I would have no hesitation in returning to Ian for another treatment.  In my opinion he is a skilled Practitioner who treats sensitively and gently.  Thank you Ian for all your help.


I am so glad you have returned from Bhopal. While you were away I suffered greatly with the effects of Syringomyelia. The spinal fluid has been backing up above my spinal cyst and causing my brain to swell. I have suffered major headaches and very disturbed vision causing lots of spells of sickness.

I have now had 3 treatments from you and you have managed very gently with TLC to get the spinal fluid moving and I have had instant relief.

Sarah B

Wow, really feeling the power of yesterday’s therapy at a profound level. Thank you.


I'm walking around with a new spring in my step!


About 15 years ago, I suffered a serious skiing injury and my back has not been right since. After a few sessions with Ian, I now have no pain in the back or neck and my spine is straight again.

Wow - thanks Ian, you are a truly gifted professional.


I have to report that you have definitely had an influence on my C5, which no longer protrudes and isn't tender to touch anymore  - very exciting, thank you!


I had broken my collarbone 18 months previously and that it still wasn’t right. After 2 sessions with Ian on the shoulder I have a lot more mobility and strength – it actually feels like it's healing now.

If you have got injuries or conditions that you’ve been putting up with and accepting as just the way things have got to be then I’d strongly encourage you to get in touch with Ian for a consultation.

You don’t have to tolerate old problems and it’s amazing when you get the movement back.

Sarah P

I hadn’t realised how tight my back was until you loosened it! I find myself bracing for the pain when I bend, only to find there is none! Thanks v much

Since our last treatment I have had no pain and no pins and needles in my leg. When I came to you just a few months ago I felt like back pain was a permanent part of my life and now it has gone.

The improvements I felt immediately after this week’s session are still the same. I now feel at about 97% of my former level of fitness and flexibility, so I am almost back on my bike. That's fantastic.

I was amazed yesterday when I felt how much more free and relaxed my neck was and low back pain has improved.

What should you expect in a treatment?

Treatments last for one hour. The treatment will commence with questions about your current problem or pain (if any) and your medical history. The treatment itself is given on a therapy table, against the skin, and most often will start with a spinal examination. The first session will cover most of the body and will consist of both analysis and treatment.

It will probably not be possible to estimate a number of treatments needed at this time as it will depend very much on the receptivity of your body, but I like to agree a minimum of a further four sessions. By then we will both be able to see how you are responding to the treatment.


I work in the Warwick and Stratford upon Avon area and can accommodate longer treatment sessions for people who may have to travel a distance. I also work in London. In some circumstances, eg if you have disabilities which make travel difficult, I will visit your home but will make a charge for my travel.

There are several Spineworks practitioners in the UK though some have recently retired.

To discuss treatment needs and possibilities please contact me using my online form